En Plein Air Ateliers

Where nature inspires artistry.

Step into the realm of En Plein Air Ateliers, where creativity and nature converge to kindle the artist’s soul. These remarkable studio installations, adorned with sturdy concrete sculptures of easels anchored into the earth, serve as sanctuaries for artistic expression amidst the great outdoors.

En Plein Air Ateliers offer a unique opportunity for artists of all levels and backgrounds to immerse themselves in the beauty of the surrounding landscape. With paintbrush in hand and canvas at the ready, they find inspiration in the vibrant colors, intricate details, and ever-changing light of the natural world.

These dynamic spaces extend a heartfelt invitation to both seasoned professionals and aspiring creators to indulge in the liberating practice of outdoor painting and drawing. As artists embrace the openness of nature, they unlock their imagination and unleash a symphony of colors and forms onto their canvases.

Beyond fostering individual artistic growth, En Plein Air Ateliers encourage a sense of community among creative souls. Here, children, students, art enthusiasts, and professionals come together in a shared passion for capturing the essence of the world around them.

The possibilities within En Plein Air Ateliers are as limitless as the expanse of nature itself. From (private) lessons and workshops to the creation of scenic painting routes, these spaces inspire collaboration, mutual learning, and the celebration of diverse artistic perspectives.

As artists breathe life into their masterpieces amidst the gentle breeze and rustling leaves, a magical connection forms between creator and creation. Each stroke of the brush becomes a dialogue with nature, and every artwork tells a unique story that resonates with the hearts of those who behold it.

En Plein Air Ateliers stand as a testament to the timeless tradition of outdoor artistry, reigniting the appreciation for painting in nature within our modern society. With their harmonious blend of artistic expression and natural wonder, these ateliers become a canvas for creativity and a sanctuary of inspiration. Welcome to the captivating world of En Plein Air Ateliers, where the beauty of nature breathes life into art, and every stroke of the brush becomes an ode to the wonders of the world.

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With this endeavor, my aim is
to breathe new life into the art
of “en plein air” painting

by establishing inspiring locations where children, students, artists, families, and friends can gather for a creatively rejuvenating rendezvous. Together, we seek to rediscover the joy of painting outdoors, fostering a vibrant community of artistic expression and shared experiences.”

Attained public ateliers.

Van Nispenpark Hillegom 2022
Beltpark Hillegom 2022
Elsbroekpark Hillegom 2022
Gaasperplas Amsterdam 2020

En Plein Air Ateliers

are permanent studio installations featuring robust concrete sculptures of easels, firmly anchored to the ground. Here, with paint and canvas in hand, you can immerse yourself in the surrounding environment, drawing inspiration from the beauty that surrounds you. These exceptional settings beckon you to embrace your artistic spirit, as you find inspiration in the natural world that surrounds you.

3D epaa visualization

3D impression of a “En Plein Air Atelier” installation at the Wertheimpark, Amsterdam
3D render of a “En Plein Air Atelier” installation at the Museumplein, Amsterdam
3D render of a “En Plein Air Atelier” installation in the Amsterdam Museumplein
3D render of a En Plein Air Atelier installation Amsterdam, Theo van Gogh park district IJburg